38 Crazy Rules Schools Apparently Enforce... For Reasons?

38 Crazy Rules Schools Apparently Enforce... For Reasons?

School, we guess, has some pretty good reasons for existing-- It's generally a pretty good idea that we spend time in our youth learning everything from how blocks work to much more advanced number adding… Or something. Despite this, the adults in our lives also seem to use school as an excuse to enforce seemingly arcane rulings for reasons that only make sense to them.  

Below are some of the craziest, most extreme examples of crazy rules that Cracked readers have encountered during their schooling days. Questioning a teacher in Philosophy? That's a paddlin'. Hair grown just a smidge too long? You better believe that's a paddlin'. Dare to doodle in the margins of your test paper? Buckle up, because you're about to be paddled into outer space, where you can go to Martian school or something instead. 

It's crazy rules like these that make us grateful we're done with school… A now only have to deal with our employers strange rules instead. 

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