34 Pop Culture Landmarks That Kind of Flopped At First

34 Pop Culture Landmarks That Kind of Flopped At First

Sometimes it takes awhile for something to find it's audience-- Even some of the most popular shows that have ever been on television weren't immediate runaway hits. Game of Thrones which as been deemed ‘the last water cooler show’ was received pretty lukewarmly by critics initially, and international sitcom phenomenon Friends was actually torn apart. 

The examples aren't restricted to TV either! We probably only know how important Night of the Living Dead is to horror cinema because it accidentally slipped into the public domain due to the copyright being left off of the title screen. Similarly, A Christmas Story and It's a Wonderful Life wouldn't become the national holiday staples that they are until they would be played endlessly on television as cheap filler programming. Are they actually amazing movies, or does familiarity simply breed affection? 

So hey, if your creative project isn't beloved at first-- take this list as inspiration that it can always just take a little time. 

FANTASIA CRACKED.COM The movie was disliked by the studio that was meant to distribute it, RKO. They dismissed it as a longhair musical.
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