39 Ways Marketing Has Messed With All of Our Brains

39 Ways Marketing Has Messed With All of Our Brains

We're pretty used to commercials-- We're pretty much bombarded with them everywhere we look, whether we're driving down the highway, waiting for a bus, or just taking a seat on a bench in the park… Even previously commercial free streaming services like Netflix seem to be hinting at the inevitable return of the tried and true method of getting us to spend our hard earned money on stuff. 

What's more interesting than commercials themselves is the way that they darkly manipulate or even outright lie to us. While it certainly makes sense… There's something dark about the amount of fakery and “movie magic” that goes into selling us things. Does that ice cream look appetizing? Hope you enjoy cold mashed potatoes, because that's what you're actually looking at. 

Ever wonder why most of your food never actually looks like the picture on the menu? It's probably because those pictures are actually held together with glue and motor oil and other extremely non-edible substances. 

Here are some of the craziest examples of companies messing with our brains. 

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