36 Creepy Photos That Spook Even Complete Skeptics

36 Creepy Photos That Spook Even Complete Skeptics

Are ghosts real? Probably not, right? The plethora of ghost hunting shows on cable primarily make use of improperly used or malfunctioning equipment for the sake of leaning into spooky storytelling. When kids use a Ouija board, someone is either moving the planchette intentionally, or the group is merely succumbing to the ideomotor effect. Aliens almost definitely exist somewhere out there in space, but the possibility of their space crafts visiting us here on Earth are slim to none, right? Right? 

We may understand these things in the back of our minds, and roll our eyes when someone tries to pass off a coincidence as a supernatural occurrence… But sometimes, photos and videos like the ones below, when you're alone in your dark bedroom, can manage to get under your skin. Is that ghostly figure moving in the background just an artifact from a previous recording? That UFO sighting just a wayward balloon?

Probably. But what if it's not?

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