You know how the old joke goes by now: What do you call someone who knows three languages? Trilingual! What do you call someone who knows two languages? Bilingual! And what do you call someone who only knows one language? …American! 

It's true, many of us reading this right now are guilty of only knowing English-- and in our defense, it's pretty easy to navigate the world that way. Obviously we're missing out on a lot of things with our ignorance… But for the sake of this list, the most important of those things is jokes hidden in movies and TV shows! Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, for example, is chock full of jokes that your college roommate probably quoted incessantly-- but you both probably missed the Spanish gag on a sign for a Mexican restaurant! 

Of course, maybe you're smart, know a ton of languages, and caught all of these jokes the first time around… Congratulations. You're better than the rest of us, I guess. 

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