30 Very Real Experiments That Belong In Bad Sci-Fi Films

30 Very Real Experiments That Belong In Bad Sci-Fi Films

Overall? We're unambiguously big fans of science-- Things like life-saving vaccines, to keeping our drinking water safe, to even the rudimentary understanding that the Earth is not the center of the universe, are all thanks to the people who dared to ask a question, and then go through the steps required to find an answer. Objectively, that's a pretty good thing! 

Does that mean that science isn't sometimes buck wild freaking weird? Exactly the opposite. In order to get the ground breaking, course of humanity discoveries that we've come to enjoy… Sure, you gotta humor a couple of weird ideas and dangerously disturbing trials that seem more at home in a bad science fiction movie on late night television. What were scientists hoping to learn when they found out that turkeys will have sex with basically anything that kind of resembles a turkey? No idea! But who knows, maybe it'll be cited as an important discovery down the line. 

…And EVEN THEN, even while giving science the benefit of the doubt, some of these experiments belong clean in the garbage. So it goes! 

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