40 Uncommon Facts About Very Common Products

40 Uncommon Facts About Very Common Products

We all buy a lot of stuff. We kind of have to in order to… be? Even the most minimalist consumers among us have to make the occasional purchases of essentials like: food, toilet paper, clothing or video games. But look around you, there's a good chance there's SOMETHING interesting about the multitude of common products that are around you right this moment! Did you know that massively successful sandwich cookie Oreos are actually a knock-off of another brand that happens to have a significantly worse name? Or the crazy process that goes into making Pez candies? Or what about the creepy looking bugs responsible for basically anything you purchase that is the color red-- including food and candies?

Are any of the facts below going to significantly change your purchasing habits? Probably not. But it'll give you a good opportunity to point to a random item you see at the store and tell a stranger the weird thing you learned while browsing Cracked in the bathroom! 

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