Celebrities are more than what we see day to day. Sure, they're probably reasonably good at the thing that made them famous in the first place-- be it pretending to be a Marvel superhero, or beating the hell out of an instrument to make a pleasant sound-- but there's surely a lot else going on beneath the surface that would surprise us. Plenty of celebrities have had interesting jobs before they got into showbiz properly (Hugh Jackman, for example, was a clown!), ambitions completely away from the spotlight (LeVar Burton wanted to be a Catholic priest!), or just strange tangentially related ambitions that sound kind of insane (Michael Jackson wanted to make a Harry Potter musical!). 

Here's a list of some of our favorite celebrity facts that made us, in fact, say “Hey, this fact about this celebrity is quite surprising, and I'll remember to bring this up as a fun fact next time they come up in a conversation!” 


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