39 Last Minute Movie Changes For Better Or Worse

39 Last Minute Movie Changes For Better Or Worse

Movies and TV shows don't simply come out of someone's brain fully realized in the blink of an eye-- Anywhere from dozens to hundreds of little details grow and change over time, either for creative reasons, fixing mistakes, or limitations of the budget. Some of these changes actually result in a stronger movie… Have you seen the original design for The Green Goblin in 2002's Spider-Man directed by Sam Raimi? It's can only be described as a “Weird Lil Muppet Situation” and the mask that he ended up donning was a significant improvement. 

…Meanwhile, in the same movie, Hugh Jackman was apparently going to cameo as Wolverine. The only reason this didn't happen was because the costume wasn't available at the time. Even though we're all poisoned by superhero cameos in today's blockbuster landscape, we can all agree that would have blown every eleven year old's mind, right? How do we Into The Spider-Verse our way into that timeline?  

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