We all saw how the (multiple rebooted) movies depicted it: Peter Parker is a high school nerd, gets bit by a radioactive spider on a field trip, and overnight gains the amazing abilities of a spider. Since the character's creation in the 1960s, millions of kids have imagined a similar thing happening to them… But we have to ask, why stop at spiders? Have you seen some of the amazing abilities that other animals have and not even appreciating?

Below is a list of animals that can go obscene amounts of time without requiring water, regrow missing body parts that we might call “essential”, and even recognize their own reflection! Alright, that last one doesn't actually sound that impressive, but it still managed to make the list because pigeons deserve love too. 

So, get on this science-- Get these animals radioactive, and get them biting people so we can enjoy their amazing and superior powers! One day I'm going to recognize my own reflection! 


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