In the Final Destination series of films, a group of teenagers somehow manage to cheat death, and then spend the rest of the movie running from elaborate “natural” Rube Goldberg style machinations of murder. Finding ourselves in one of those situations is pretty unlikely-- but if we ever happen to, we'll likely be glad that we read this list of surprising ways to cheat death. Many of the facts below are clever ways you might be able to avoid the worst of the worst outcomes, while others are examples of crazy situations that people actually managed to survive, which will hopefully serve as inspiration that anything is possible (however improbable) in even the most dire situations. 

That said, if we're sticking with the Final Destination theme, death will apparently just try to come after you again… But is that any different than real life? We all gotta go sometime, we guess. We'll add to this list if anyone manages to permanently survive “being freaking old.”


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