32 Surprising Celebrities Who Are Huge Trekkies (Trekkers?)

32 Surprising Celebrities Who Are Huge Trekkies (Trekkers?)

On television screens for three seasons, and decades later through syndication, feature films, and spin-off series, pop culture monolith Star Trek that boldly goes where no one has gone before has picked up countless fans along the way. Some of these fans, as you might expect, would eventually become pretty famous and well known in their own rights. Some of these fans, like Robin Williams, would simply be well known in their affection for the optimistic science fiction franchise, while others like Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane would manage to appear on the show a handful of times. (MacFarlane's character, Rivers, would even appear in an official Star Trek card game.) 

What was once considered a television series for the nerdiest, most obsessive of nerds actually has a pretty big club of well respected fans… Here are some of the most notable, from vocal enjoyers of the Enterprise's adventures, to those who have worked their way onto regular roles on the final frontier themselves. 

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