30 Quotes Everyone Either Misunderstands or Gets Wrong

30 Quotes Everyone Either Misunderstands or Gets Wrong

We love quotes, don't we? Little bite sized nuggets of wisdom to snack on and give us that little hit of inspiration or insight to get us through a difficult time, simplify a complicated emotion, or serve as a common reference point within a community. Then why do we seem to get the most important parts of some of the more famous quotes through history completely wrong? We seem to have a habit of changing a critical part of the phrase, losing a bit in translation, or even frequently lobbing off the ending with a chainsaw in order to reach a more convenient sentiment. 

If people getting things wrong on a massive scale makes you want to tear your hair out, you may want to avoid this article… Because below are some of our favorite examples of famous quotes and sayings that, time and time again, we've managed to attribute to the wrong person at best, or get entirely backwards at worst.

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