36 BTS Facts About the Two GOOD Alien Movies

36 BTS Facts About the Two GOOD Alien Movies

No disrespect to legendary director David Fincher… even he'd agree that his feature film debut ‘Alien 3’ wasn't quite up to par with the original ‘Alien’ or James Cameron's sequel ‘Aliens.' It's not as if he's alone, the entire rest of the series from ‘Alien: Resurrection’ to ‘vs Predator’ to Ridley Scott's own controversial prequel series haven't come anywhere close to capturing the magic of a simple haunted house movie in space… Or a big, guns a'blazin action movie also in space. 

Here are some of the wildest behind the scenes facts about the making of the Alien movies that most audiences would agree are the ‘good ones.’ Did you know that James Cameron had to fight the studio to put Sigourney Weaver in the sequel? Or that Ridley Scott wasn't the first or even second choice to direct the original film? And don't even get us started on the rough working conditions on both movies.

All that and more below! 

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