31 Seemingly Common Things That Only Happen in TV & Movies

31 Seemingly Common Things That Only Happen in TV & Movies

Movies and television bring fantastic worlds of fantasy to the screenLuke Skywalker looks up at the twin suns of Tatooine and dreams of having space adventures. Spider-Man whips between the buildings of New York City, torn between his responsibility of his amazing powers and his fracturing person life. Neo learns the truth about the world around him, and rages against the literal machine with cool kung-fu moves that he got downloaded into his brain through a freaky port on the back of his neck. 

But here's the thing: Your run-the-mill “realistic” dramatic fare is often just as ridiculous as those flights of fancy. How the hell are people turning their TVs on and exactly the right time the local news is moving the plot forward? Why does everyone just rudely hang up the phone? And why are busy ER doctors spending any time relating their patients on any sort of personal level?

Movies and TV, it turns out, are pretty silly. 

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