The world's most famous yellow family actually made their debut not in their own sitcom, but as a series of recurring shorts over three seasons of The Tracy Ullman Show. No one then could have possibly guessed that “dumb yelling Dad and his family” would have been a recipe for a marathon run and an undisputed place in the television hall of fame… But here we are! Not only did The SImpsons find successful for themselves on Sunday nights on FOX, they opened the door for countless other animated sitcoms in an “Animation Domination” block-- many of which have had long, very successful tenures of their own. Bob's Burgers has often been compared to The Simpsons' best days, and the Texas-set King of the Hill has carved a comfortable and beloved niche all it's own.

Oh, we guess we should probably mention The Simpsons' biggest, undisputed rival… But that's going to require a list all on it's own. 

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