You know what common idiom probably needs to die off? “The book is always better?” 

Book nerds have long held this over movie fans-- How could a crowd-pleasing light and picture show possibly be better than the ancient art of the written word in any possible circumstance? Clearly they're ignoring the fact that Jaws, Jurassic Park, The Godfather, Psycho and countless other classic films leave their original source material in the dust. The point is: adaptations can rise above their original source material, and frequently do. 

…But not always. Nope. Sometimes the sentiment still holds true, and adaptations make baffling, unexplainable decisions as they throw away the original source material. Some one with way more time on their hands will have to tally up the points and see which ultimately wins out-- But now here's a big ol' list some of the most noticeable changes that occur over the course of adaptation… For better or worse.  

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