29 Weird and Wild Times Musicians Cameoed on Television

29 Weird and Wild Times Musicians Cameoed on Television

Musicians, for obvious reasons, rule the airwaves and your ears. A catchy song on the radio or streamed on Spotify can worm it's way into your brain and live their for an entire Summer, if not the rest of your life… But many musicians aren't satisfied with simply being the royalty of your earholes, and make an effort to show their (usually beautiful) faces on television as well. We're not saying it's NEVER a good idea, there are certainly plenty of examples if it going well (no one is complaining about the number of musical appearances on The O.C, and if you are, you're actually a bad person?)-- But more often than not, the results are weird, strange, and maybe even a little off-putting. 

Are we being too harsh over Katy Perry's appearance in How I Met Your Mother, or Gene Simmons showing up makeup-less on Miami Vice? Probably. But they can always console themselves in their giant piles of money and talent we wish we had. 

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