30 Pieces Of Tee'd Up Trivia About Famous Brands

30  Pieces Of Tee'd Up Trivia About Famous Brands

Do you remember that old GIF that used to be everywhere on the internet? It depicts a woman, eyes closed and mouth open, with a large number of hot dogs seemingly thrown against her face. That's a bit what it's like when you look literally anywhere: A whole bunch of brands and advertisements just assaulting your face to a degree that could be described as pornographic. Well, if you're going to be stuck looking at brands, commercials, and logos every time you turn on your television or drive down the highway or dare to take public transit at any point-- You may as well learn a couple of interesting facts that may change your perception of them. 

Did you know that Google's original name was kind of creepy? Or that you can basically never run from McDonalds? Or the fact that Nintendo could try to sell you actual garbage and still live longer than you likely will? All that and more below!

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