Let's do a hypothetical: A narcissistic billionaire who buys up social media networks, makes electric cars and also freaking rockets offers you a one-way ticket to his new Mars colony. The biggest factor in your decision might be the fact that you'd be leaving behind your home planet as well as everyone you've ever known for a cold and unforgiving desert rock… But oh man, consider you've got a world of trouble before you even set foot on alien planet. It turns out that space travel is an absolute nightmare on a delicate human meat suits, and we're going to have to figure a couple of these things out if we're ever going to become any kind of space-faring civilization. 

Below are some of the worst parts of travelling through space-- and that's only what we know so far! Surely more terrible things await us in the vastness of space. That long road trip with your kids screaming in the back doesn't sound so bad now, does it? 

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