34 Facts About SNL That Pumped (clap clap) US UP

34 Facts About SNL That Pumped (clap clap) US UP

Buckle your seat belts, we're about to blow your mind: Many Saturday nights there are two hours of live comedy performed on network television, featuring some of the most exciting up and coming talent of their generation… And some of the time, it's actually manages to be pretty funny! Okay, the jig is up, you probably know all about Saturday Night Live, the weird filler broadcast that slowly transformed into a comedy institution that has birthed some of the greatest comedic starts of all time-- But do you the know the history and genesis of some it's most famous characters like the Wild and Crazy Guys or The Target Lady? Or many of the crazy behind the scenes dramas that have gone on in the same studio since 1975? You did? Well, guess your some kind of Saturday Night Live smartass-- But hey, maybe you'll learn one or two things you didn't know anyway! 

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