We all know that old proverb: “Nothing is certain but death and taxes"-- But while those two are a good start, and we mean no disrespect to 17th century humorists, we have an additional item we'd like to tack on to that list. The third certain thing is that time will pass, and the media that you've love and connected with through the years will age… and most of it probably will not age well. Some of it might age so poorly you might doubt the possibility that you could have ever liked it in the first place. Sometimes the reasons are obvious-- Someone involved is a monster, like The Cosby Show. Other times you may be in an X-Files situation where the show was groundbreaking when you first fell in love with it, but now looks like something your nephew could make on his Macbook Pro with absolutely zero training. It happens. And it'll keep happening. It's certain.

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