The things the human body can do is kind of incredible. They're all made up of a strange combination of meaty bits, salt, water, and sentient goo-- and while a lot of people put a ton of time and money into figuring out how these flesh suits that our brains live in work, and how to properly fix them when they're broken, there are still a lot of crazy scenarios we can't account for. This results in bizarre medical conditions we previously believed shouldn't be possible, or horrifying situations that sounds like they were made up to scare us from ever leaving our house. While not all of the examples below are utterly terrifying, we're glad that it's our job to collect the stories into easily digestible lists for you to read in the bathroom, and that we don't have to actually try and explain them to patients. We'll leave that to the smart people who don't describe your body as a "flesh suit your brain lives in."

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