This just in: the world is weird as hell! A pretty unlikely entity has picked a fight with Boris Johnson, a cruise was canceled while it was already underway, Costco is a hot spot for social media influencers, and Pizza Hut was forced to apologize for making its sauce too sexy. Meanwhile, if you’ve ever told Joe Rogan to go f* himself, he’s heard you, and he’s working on it. Elsewhere, a DoorDash driver made a more personal delivery in the lobby of an apartment building, people are receiving bounties for destroying smelly trees, someone called the cops on a cursing crow, and a Singaporean cyborg cockroach may one day save your life. In case you were feeling too upbeat, a waitress was fired for receiving an extremely generous tip, Eric Clapton successfully sued a 55-year-old widow over a shockingly petty amount of lost revenue, and the Australian government considered relaxing the rules on child labor to include operating heavy machinery. Don’t worry, there’s good news here too! Go ahead and check it out:

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