Creepy photos are all over the internet -- That's like exactly half the point of the internet. 

Then there are those classics, like the Bigfoot video, you know the one where BF is just walking along minding their business and then gives a solid glance over the shoulder before continuing to - where? Why did that video always stop there, btw? We get not wanting to stalk Bigfoot, exactly, but could you have tagged along for another hundred yards or whatever? Maybe BF would have ripped up some trees or something cool that would have proved without a shadow of a doubt that it was BF and not some rando in a semi-convincing hairy suit.

Anyway, while it's pretty easy to put together a convincing creepy photo in Photoshop, some maybe hold up to more scrutiny than others. Submitted for your approval: this tight selection of scary and spooky selections.


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