Sometimes it's surprising to learn the human face behind your favorite cartoon character… And sometimes it's surprising to learn the famous human face behind a so-so character that you completely forgot about. 

That's the beauty of cartoons and the world of animation. The art is so immersive that we often forget there are actually real live humans in a booth somewhere voicing them. Don't even get us started on how fascinating the world of voice over is. These actors have found ways to give life to animated characters using only their vocal chords.

We wanted to do a deep dive of some famous faces who provide the voices for our favorite cartoon characters. Some of these may surprise you.

For example, Chris Parnell just uses his normal voice for roles in shows like Archer and the fact is, it just kind of works. Sometimes if the voice is right, you don't need a lot of vocal tricks.

Curious? Scroll down for more of some of our favorite examples! 

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