Being incredibly talented, rich and famous is not always easy. Yes, there's money, private jets, fancy dinners and hangers on. But there's alsos endless media scrutiny. Peer and career pressures. Law suits. Insane stalkers. Addiction issues.

The thing is, everyone needs an outlet. Everyone needs to let off some steam once in a while. For these celebs? It's pulling the friggin' prank of the century from time to time. We sure are glad we weren't on the other end of these absolute WHOPPERS.

Pranks are fun when you're the one pulling them… and you know what? Sometimes even when you're on the receiving end. The rich and famous have come to the same conclusions, and here are some of our favorite examples. 

We uncovered some absolutely wild pranks on the sets of some of our favorite movies. It came as an absolute surprising to no one that there was a $60,000 prank budget on the set of Airplane!

Scroll down for examples that left us speechless…

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