32 Crazy Hollywood Stunts and the People Who Pull Them Off

32 Crazy Hollywood Stunts and the People Who Pull Them Off

Hollywood has always been an amusing place. It is the land of make-believe, where people are paid to pretend to be someone else. It is also the land of big egos and even bigger budgets. This can sometimes lead to the producers of Hollywood films trying to outdo each other with increasingly crazy stunts. While this may be good for the entertainment value of the films, it can also lead to tragic accidents. In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile accidents during the filming of Hollywood stunts, resulting in serious injury and even death. As Hollywood films become more and more reliant on CG effects, it is perhaps time for the industry to rethink its use of real-world stunts. Otherwise, the only thing left for Hollywood producers to do will be to start paying people to take real risks with their lives.

Things exploding? People jumping over stuff? Who doesn't love to see dangerous things happening on the big screen? Not only are the stunts themselves incredible, but the people who perform them have to be some of the most certified badasses on the planet. Here are some of our favorites.

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