30 Super Strange Trivia Tidbits About The World

30 Super Strange Trivia Tidbits About The World

There's a reason why people say that reality is mysterious. The world may be a fairly fascinating place, with its impressive creations and natural curiosities. People and places can shock you in unexpected ways, just like when you think you've become too cynical and know it. Do you want to know how long it would take to travel to the moon? Or where a quarter of your body's bones are found?

The fact is the globe is full of fascinating, amusing, as well as interesting information, with roughly 190 countries worldwide and over 7.8 billion people (including vegetation, mammals, and other things). The biggest proportion of pet owners is mostly on the planet. Do you want to learn more about the planet and its ever-increasing population? Continue reading to discover some fascinating facts about the History of the Earth, today, and the future.

Isn't everyone against nasty killer robots? Unfortunately, the United States isn't (apparently). Want to know more about that as well as 29 more weird global facts? Keep scrolling!

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