The Definitive Oral History of ‘Titus’

The traditional sitcom never would have died without the early aughts Fox sitcom choking the life out of it with its brutal honesty and unadulterated laughs. Now, creator and star Christopher Titus, along with the rest of the show’s cast and crew, share how they found poetry and humor in his pain — pissing off network executives all along the way

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28 Famous Movies That Were Nearly Way Different

28 Famous Movies That Were Nearly Way Different

The road from "some writer's concept on the toilet" to "projected on a gigantic screen while you gorge yourself on over priced popcorn into your mouth" is a long one for movies. Sometimes, apparently, it’s not long enough. 

Some of the suggestions below weren't good... But, gosh, we're intrigued to see what Jack Sparrow would have been like if he hadn't had a nose for the entire film.

The fact is that some of our favorite films might have looked WAY different had the hands of fate worked in a slightly different way. To be totally honest we're a little bummed that some of these concepts did not make the final cut.  Admittedly, many of these are PRETTY out there. The original horror they had planned for Aliens: Resurrection, that was even “too much for a frenchman" is a great example.

So if you want to see some how some of the most famous movies in cinema in history were ALMOST shockingly different, scroll on down:

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