"Those who fail to remember history are bound to repeat it," as the old adage goes. (Or something along those lines…we can’t quite recall it). 

Yes, knowing your history is vital—not just the major personalities and key events, but also the minor facts that help us improve comprehend a historical individual or the age wherein they lived. 

We think we have a pretty good idea of how a lot of history played out… But some of these facts and statistics are enough to shake that faith. Do we even know anything… about anything!?

Perhaps it's a startling discovery that causes you to reconsider common wisdom. Perhaps it's a bizarre anecdote that's too good to be true. Whatever the case may be, it's the small, startling bits of history that are possibly the most entertaining—the kind of information that is so bizarre and out there that it can never be replicated even if someone tried to. In no real logical order, here are 39 such facts. Just because we care.

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