35 Crazy Moments of Foreshadowing We Should Have Noticed

35 Crazy Moments of Foreshadowing We Should Have Noticed

Are we the brightest, most perceptive folks on the planet? Well, probably. (Ed note: come on!) However, SOMEHOW, we've managed to miss some wild foreshadowing in television, film and other stories that frankly we should have caught. Shocking, we know.

For example, the writing was LITERALLY on the wall that Anyong was the spy antagonist in Arrested Development. Turns out there's more than money in the banana stand. This kind of clever foreshadowing has been happening for decades. For example in Reservoir Dogs (SPOILER ALERT) Mr. Orange reveals himself as a rat from one of the very first scenes.

Did you see the moments in the list below coming? Because you probably should have-- given that these shows and movies literally told you what was about to happen. Guess we should have picked up on that, huh? So scroll down to see examples of foreshadowing that you totally should have picked up on.

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