30 Bites Of Nourishing Trivia

30 Bites Of Nourishing Trivia

A sense of amazement is something that most children have in spades. When you're a kid, everything here is new and exciting—but that wide-eyed wonderment fades over time; that doesn't have to be the situation. With all that in my heart, we've compiled a list of 30 amusing facts that will brighten your day and revive your sense of wonder. So leave your skepticism at the door as well as continue reading to be reminded of how amazing the world truly is.

It's a lot of fun to learn weird trivia information, but at the end of the day, they're just little pieces of information that suck up room in your head, right? Certainly not! Read out these amazing facts that just might teach you something, wow your friends, and at the very minimum, lift your spirits!

These facts will have you bending every ear in town with amazing and true anecdotes, from a sorrowful memorial to lab-mice martyrs to the really dirty secrets behind the Disney production process...read on for more!

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