29 Celebrity Feuds That Got Serious

29 Celebrity Feuds That Got Serious

Celebrity conflicts are tumultuous, to say the very least, particularly when the disagreements come out of the blue. Although we hate admitting it, there's a small part of us that enjoys seeing the clash of two raging egos on the old timeline. Cracked looks back on some of the most (in)famous celebrity fights, including social media rivalries, cheap shots, and actual altercations.

The fact is that these celeb fights will astound you. They don't always beat up on each other, either, because most of these celebrity brawls are open to the public!   we’re talking about everything from a prominent person like Shia LaBeouf inside a bar brawl, a clash on the sidewalks, or even Solange Knowles, as well as Jay-Z's prominent elevator fight! Evem die-hard fans aren't always protected from a kick in the mouth from their greatest celebrities

Celebrity feuds are often like regular feuds in that they're ugly and can spiral out of hand. The only difference is the high powered legal teams and the non-stop media coverage. So scroll on for some really wild stories featuring your favorite celebrities…

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