33 Trivia Tidbits To Impress That Date

33 Trivia Tidbits To Impress That Date

If you don't remember this random information, how would you ever be Jeopardy-ready? It's easy to feel smart when you understand the explanation and no one else in the group does. You've come to the right place if you love trivia, want to ace your upcoming game night, or simply enjoy learning new facts that aren't common knowledge. It's part of the enjoyment to not know when you'll need to remember these details. As a result, we encourage you to join us in our neediness and peruse our list of weird facts.

Is it possible to have worthless information? No way! All those random amusing, funny, terrifying, or "did you know" things you've crammed into your noggin exist for a good reason, and they'll come in handy at some point.

There are tidbits, there are factoids, there's trivia, and then by golly, there is mind-blowing KNOWLEDGE that is hidden directly behind the gray veil of the mundane. Come, young internet scholar, let us peek behind the curtain.

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