30 Celebrity Pranks That Might Actually Be Lunatic

30 Celebrity Pranks That Might Actually Be Lunatic

Wouldn't it be great to be friends with a celebrity? Unless, of course, they're a rich lunatic with the resources to pull of merciless pranks for their own amusement. Actually, maybe that WOULD be great?

Here's the thing, we all know celebrities are mostly sick maniacs deep down inside. Think of the absolute driving madness required to get to the top of the heap and bask in the merciless spotlight of fame! It's not surprise then, that, given near infinite resources, powerful networks and way too much time between projects, celebrities end up pulling some of the most absolutely epic pranks of all time.

Did Kit Harrington surprise an unsuspecting colleague with a severed head as a fun lil' gag? We'll never tell. (Ed note: yes we will, it's the first item in this list). We couldn't believe how many pounds of spaghetti the Foo Fighters dropped on a rival drummer. Arrivederci!

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