30 Geeky Facts About Famous Video Games

30 Geeky Facts About Famous Video Games

We love to game. Whether it's to escape reality for a bit, pass the time, challenge ourselves with interesting puzzles and strategic problems or just to enter amazing and imaginative worlds--for us gaming is one of the most rewarding forms of entertainment.

The fact is, theres a lot that goes on in the world of video games. We did a deep dive into 30 super geeky facts about famous video games that completely surprised us.

Foe example, Chex Quest, despite being a weird marketing ploy from a cereal company actually still ranks as a pretty legendary early FPS.

We had no idea that chain chomp monsters in Mario were actually based on a real life…dog? It turns out that Shigero Miyamato had neighbor whose chained dog constantly barked and served as an inspiration for these enemies.

One of the most tragic video game characters of all time is… a Pokemon? While it might seem a bit unbelievable, it's 100% true. 

More on that and 29 other little-known facts about legendary video games: 

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