30 Incredible Facts About Our Planet

30 Incredible Facts About Our Planet

Unless and until Elon Musk builds his utopian, union-free colony on Mars or whatever, you only have one planet to stomp around on. And it’s kind of messed up how little you probably know about it! Sure, you might know that wombats poop cubes, but riddle me this: what’s the only lizard on Earth that hangs out in the ocean? You may have a pitcher plant hanging in your bathroom, but did you know about the species of pitcher plant so big, it subsists on shrews? You may have heard a thing or two about the Suez Canal, but have you ever thought about the native Mediterranean fish who suddenly had to fend off a whole host of new Red Sea competition?

You haven’t? Seems a little irresponsible, no? I think you owe it to this planet and the creatures you share it with to read on, and learn a couple of things about the exploding population of urban foxes in the United Kingdom, the vegetable sheep of New Zealand, and, if you dare, the emerging problem of armored bedbugs.

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