After 33 seasons, you’re actually in the minority if you haven’t cameoed on The Simpsons. There’s Katy Perry’s iconic line “That’s not my belly button, but I didn’t say stop,” Anthony Bourdain’s “There’s nowhere I won’t go, and nothing I won’t eat… as long as I’m paid in emeralds and and my hotel room has a bidet that shoots warm champagne,” and Troy Aikman’s simple, universal truth: “Everyone likes dune buggies.” They got the likes of Stephen Hawking, who “had a tremendous sense of humor” to come on – with the stipulation that his character could have one beer with Homer, but could not get drunk. Stan Lee came by to offer some advice to Bart: “If you fail, you can always open up a comic book store.” They even managed to snag Yo-Yo Ma, who happened to have been a Harvard dorm mate of producer Al Jean’s. But the crown jewel, the uncontested champion of Simpsons cameos, the pinnacle of celebrity itself is of course… Sting.

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