After 33 seasons, you’re actually in the minority if you haven’t cameoed on The Simpsons. There’s Katy Perry’s iconic line “That’s not my belly button, but I didn’t say stop,” Anthony Bourdain’s “There’s nowhere I won’t go, and nothing I won’t eat… as long as I’m paid in emeralds and and my hotel room has a bidet that shoots warm champagne,” and Troy Aikman’s simple, universal truth: “Everyone likes dune buggies.” They got the likes of Stephen Hawking, who “had a tremendous sense of humor” to come on – with the stipulation that his character could have one beer with Homer, but could not get drunk. Stan Lee came by to offer some advice to Bart: “If you fail, you can always open up a comic book store.” They even managed to snag Yo-Yo Ma, who happened to have been a Harvard dorm mate of producer Al Jean’s. But the crown jewel, the uncontested champion of Simpsons cameos, the pinnacle of celebrity itself is of course… Sting.

MLB ALL STARS made Homer a baseball immortal CITY CHAMPS LA 1992 CHAMPIONS GRACKED COM SPRINBERLD 25 years after Homer at the Bat, Homer was inducted into the Baseball HOF. His speech: It is with great humility that I enter the Hall of Fame. And it's about time! I'm fatter than Babe Ruth, balder than Ty Cobb and have one more finger than Mordecai Three Finger Brown.

THE MANNINGS live in a brother paradise P MANNING E MANNING C MANNING 18 10 18 GRAGKED CON When he realizes he'll never have a brother, Bart dreams of Bro-Town USA, a theme park populated by the Smothers Brothers, the Mario Brothers, the Marx Brothers, the Blues Brothers, and Eli, Peyton, and Cooper - the Super Bowl- winning Manning brothers.

MAGIC JOHNSON was the first pro athlete to guest as himself LOS ANGELES LAKERS А 3L AS SSA SSIN CRACKED.COM The Springfield Nuclear Plant is going into meltdown mode and by sheer luck, Homer randomly pushes a button that saves the day. As a reward, he gets a call from Magic: I just used our last timeout to congratulate you on avoiding that nuclear holocaust.


KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR teaches Homer what it's like to be Bart CRACKED.COM Homer joins a fathering enrichment class, where he casually mentions choking Bart. To show Homer what it feels like, Dr. Zander enlists the 7' 2 Abdul-Jabbar to do some choking of his own. Dr. Zander, you made me see my life through Bart's neck!


JOE NAMATH gives Bart some QB advice CRACKED.COM When Namath's car breaks down in front of the Simpson house, Bart asks the legend for pigskin secrets. There's only one thing you need to know to be a great quarterback, Joe says. But his car is quickly fixed, so he leaves Bart with an unsatisfying remember what I said.


MICHELLE KWAN is Milhouse's athletic hero KWAN CRACKED.COM Despite three college degrees, nine U.S. National Championships, and two Olympic medals, it was Kwan's appearance on The Simpsons that caused her brother to say, Now you've made it.


JEFF GORDON drives for Team Kwik-E-Mart 6 PIZZA GRACKED.COM In one of the quickest Simpsons cameos ever, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon crosses through frame with a casual Hey, Мое. The bartender accurately observes, I bet we never see him again.


Everyone loves a Flaming Мое, especially AeROSMITH CRACKED.COM Мое begs the band to rock the house, but Steven and the boys refuse until they're offered free pickled eggs. Then it's HELLO, ST. LOUIS! and a howling, flaming-hair version of Walk This Way. Мое even gets to croak along on the chorus.

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