40 Unexpected Movie Cameos By Celebrities (That Aren’t Actors)

40 Unexpected Movie Cameos By Celebrities (That Aren’t Actors)

Cameos are a long-standing Hollywood tradition. Pretty much every actor that ever stepped foot in front of a camera has made a cameo appearance at some point in their career. However, they're not the only ones…

Many musicians and athletes also just can't stay away from the lure of the spotlight. Acting seems easy. It's easy to think to yourself, “Hey, I can say words while wearing make-up!” But, if SNL hosts are any indication, acting is much harder than it looks. Who knew!

Today we'll take a look at 40 cameo appearances by people who aren't actors…well, until they made a cameo. Now that they have IMDb credits, who are we to call them “not actors”? Do we think Katy Perry is going to win an Oscar any time soon for her acting? No. But we also didn't give Lady Gaga enough credit before A Star Is Born, so prove us wrong. 

JIM HARBAUGH SAVED BY THE BELL: THE NEW CLASS CRACKED.COM The hard-assed Michigan coach and former NFL quarterback was cast against type as Screech's cousin. After that performance, I thought, gosh, I'm not a very good actor.


BARRY BONDS BEVERLY HILLS 90210 CRACKED.COM Barry plays Barry, who shows up on the golf course to talk trash Steve Sanders and his dad. You missed those opportunities to watch me trounce your old man here! Shots fired.


Dharma auditioned to drum for BOB DYLAN PG L DHARMA AND GREG CRACKED.COM One of the shows writers was pals with the Voice of a Generation, leading to the unlikely cameo. Did Dharma get the gig as Dylan's new percussionist? The answer, my friends, is no way in hell, no matter which way the wind blew.


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