30 Common Myths About The World (That Are Totally Debunked)

30 Common Myths About The World (That Are Totally Debunked)

One of the main jobs of education is to debunk myths and misinformation. This involves identifying and refuting the numerous myths propagated by the media, conventional wisdom and especially word of mouth. At some point in our lives, we've all been duped by someone. That’s why we collected this series exposing most of these contemporary illusions. The purpose of this article is to dispel some popular scientific myths. As people say, the truth will set you free. Or at least just make ya’ chuckle.

Is it true that a penny dropped from the Empire State Building might kill someone walking along the street?

It turns out, this is simply poor physics. In reality, depending on the wind, the penny will approach a terminal velocity of roughly 30-100 miles per hour. Dropping a dime from that height is still a jerk move. It would be painful, but it would not kill anyone. You'd be better off keeping the change in either case.

A family member undoubtedly urged you not to shave when you were a teenager because it would cause your hair to come back faster and thicker. There's no proof that shaving affects hair growth in any way after all. Interested? We’ve got more on that, as well as 29 other bizarre world myths you might believe. Scroll on down!

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