31 Mythbusting Moments Necessary Because Of Movies

31 Mythbusting Moments Necessary Because Of Movies

Just a heads up: the structure of this list involves more than a few surprises in recent movies and Television shows, so proceed with caution... particularly if you're a Game of Thrones enthusiast. You've been given a fair warning.

Creators nowadays battle to keep this information about their planned films and television series from spilling on the internet in order to keep their huge shocks a secret. As a result, the actors and crew make some poor attempts at deception, passionately denying what everyone already knows. It does work on occasion. But there are times when it just looks depressing. Here are nine occasions the entertainment business tried to deceive the public and completely failed.

A lot of people believe some really stupid things about how the world works, thanks to pop culture (among other things). Here are 31 things you probably believe that isn't true:

Bring a huge hot coffee mug to continue with us in this trivia.

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