31 Surprising Facts About Iconic Video Games

31 Surprising Facts About Iconic Video Games

Video games are a huge industry with a massive fan base. There are video games for everyone, no matter what your age or interests may be. Some video games become iconic and achieve cult-like status, leaving lasting impressions on gamers around the world. Have we ever mentioned how much we love video games? From staying up late playing Mario when we were kids to buying the original DOOM floppy disks at our local pharmacy (yes, this was a thing) to bask in the modern technological advances of amazing games like Elden Ring, well, let's just say we are fans of the pastime.

While handheld gaming was once a smaller niche and restrained by technological limitations, the ability to game wherever, whenever, without dominating the living room TV has always been a major boom. The fact is, the state of play has evolved A LOT since the game boy. Have you ever wondered how the Final Fantasy franchise got its name and what it means? Turns out, it's mainly called that because the creator thought it would be the studio's final game. More on that and 30 other bonkers facts about iconic video games.

Tetris, when played after a trauma, positively affects people. СНПЧУ CRACKED.COM Research has shown that playing everyone's favorite Russian puzzle can stop the formation of bad memories associated with trauma.


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