31 Famous Photographs With Buckwild Backstories We Didn't Know

31 Famous Photographs With Buckwild Backstories We Didn't Know

Photography is a type of art that has the ability to capture the feelings of a particular moment in time. The evolution of art has had a significant impact on the globe, and it has given individuals the authority to define the centuries in which they live. During the Kent State murders, Cracked published a list of the 100 most influential images of all time, which included the iconic image of the protesting burned monk, as well as a heartbreaking image of a girl praying next to her slain friend. Shots like this have shaped who we are as fellow humans and allowed us to see ourselves in a new light.

What direction are we heading as a society? Why does humanity allow such horrors to occur? However, in order to fully appreciate a photo’s effect and cultural impact, you first have to understand the background.

Many of the images below will be known to most people, but how much do you know about the history behind them? Yes, some of them are more interesting than the actual photographs.

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