29 Jokes Stealthily Hidden in Famous Movies and TV

29 Jokes Stealthily Hidden in Famous Movies and TV

Children's films are made for (duh) for children, but many are also made by adults who recognize that parents have made up a significant portion of their viewership. That's why many animators intersperse sexual references, dirty one-liners, as well as other adult-themed humor amid the conventional gags. They're deceptive and subtle, designed to slip past a child's notice and into a parent's ears. We searched through classic films and discovered a plethora of subtle and clearly evident dirty gags hidden among the pristine settings.

Nothing beats the thrill of rewatching old favorites and discovering how many skillfully hidden adult gags are buried inside them. Take a peek at these 29 jokes that were snuck into well-known films and television shows.

Even though you're creating a kid's film it doesn’t mean you can’t throw in a joke for the parents in the room, you know? Even when you're not filming a kid's movie, why not throw in an unexpected joke or two anyway?

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