Homeowners are obtaining a growing number of devices as a result of modern technology and internet commerce. Everyone seems to have a cellphone, Bluetooth adapter, computer, e-reader, and residential security camera or understands someone who does.

New gadgets are often a little strange at first, no matter how handy they turn out to be. Consider how, only a few decades previously, removing a smartphone from your pocket might have elicited some puzzled looks. Nothing is more normal these days since cell phones are becoming the country's official tool for everything from staying in touch with pals to hailing a cab. There are countless examples of technologies that never got past the awkward phase for every invention that became mainstream. Aren't you just a little curious? Well, we’ve compiled a lengthy list for you.

Sure, your phone is a high-tech device, but is it also transmitting potentially harmful waves of…stuff? No, we didn't think so. Scroll down and see what other unbelievable gadget facts we’ve uncovered…

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