37 Toys That Were Deeply Terrible Mistakes

37 Toys That Were Deeply Terrible Mistakes

The sad fact is, not every toy ultimately brings joy to a child.  In fact, some toys just shouldn't have ever hit shelves in the first place.

We've experienced our fair share of bad design, but with so many products on store shelves, there is always something new to mock. Toys, for example. They're created for a purpose and manufactured by grownups, so you'd think they'd be given a lot of thought before being manufactured, right? Not so much, to be honest. Cracked has gathered several of the most dubious toys to demonstrate that some toy designers are totally clueless.

Whether we're talking about the very questionable ‘Oreo Barbie' or a stripper pole for pre-teens…some of these are just confusing.

From bizarre dolls to a deranged Elmo, it's hard to believe these concepts were ever approved. So, don’t waste anymore time, scroll down and pick the ones who made you shudder the most. Some of these toys are really strange…


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