Random and entertaining facts catch us off guard all the time. They're tidbits of information from areas of science, culture, and popular entertainment that amuse and fascinate us and everyone else with whom we share them. The fact is that these intriguing facts are more than just humorous nuggets that will help you know stuff: they're incredibly interesting, and then once you start to read, you'll want to keep going until your fascination is fulfilled. Addictive? Perhaps.

You'll discover plenty of fresh knowledge here unless you're interested in strange facts that almost don't seem true (but are), miscellaneous trivia, scientific trivia, interesting pet facts, cartoonist trivia, movie tidbits, and/or literature trivia. We also have plenty of pop quizzes for youngsters to keep them entertained during a family lunch or a long car ride!

Your brows appear to be suspiciously unraised, friend. Well then, let's cram some data into our gray matter and see if we can change things up a bit. Scroll on down pals for some truly wild information…

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