29 Trivia Nuggets About Pop Culture, Architecture, And More

29 Trivia Nuggets About Pop Culture, Architecture, And More

The world is a fascinating place that's filled with wild facts, strange tidbits, odd knowledge and simply tons of things to learn. From pop culture, to architecture, to history, science and psychology--well really the list is almost endless.

We wanted to dredge up some trivia and factoids from the depths of the internet that made us pause and say “holy macaroni!” and boy, did we ever.

For example, it turns out the Statue of Liberty's iconic green look isn't actually its true form. The statue was originally bronze but turned green after years of oxizidation.

Did you know there are exactly as many cicada songs as there are species of cicada in existence? Each species has a unique song that's sung by the males as a mating call. Talk about collective crooning…

Want to learn more? Scroll on down! Here's more about that and 28 other interesting facts about pop culture, history, science, and more: 

In France during 1986, Nadine Vaujour took helicopter flying lessons for six months. She then rented a helicopter. JBG Vaujour flew it to the prison where her husband was being held, dropped a rope down to the roof, and spirited him away. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


One of the biggest occupational hazards for astronauts is losing your eyesight. Astronauts sometimes develop vision problems, and experts now consider that the #1 risk of going into space. Nobody knows why it happens. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


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