Think you've seen every celebrity cameo in your favorite movies and TV shows? Think again! Some celebrities manage to make their appearances very subtly, so much so that you may not even have noticed them. In this blog post, we'll be taking a look at some of the most stealthy celebrity cameos out there. Keep an eye out for these famous faces the next time you watch your favorite films and TV shows!

Do you know what's better than a movie or TV show cameo by a celebrity? A cameo by a celebrity that you don't even know is there! In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the most stealthy celebrity cameos in famous movies and shows. You might be surprised by how many stars have managed to keep the secret of their appearance – until now! So get ready to do some sleuthing, and see if you can spot these hidden celebrities. Spoiler alert: some of them are pretty hard to miss!

For example, did you know that Jennifer Lawrance made an appearance on an episode of Monk in 2006? Probably not, given that she was costumed as a mascot. Let's take a look at it, as well as 29 more famous cameos in films and TV shows you may have missed:

Vanilla Ice TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES II CRACKED.COM 30 years before he was, extremely sadly, the crown jewel of the president's New Year's Eve celebration, Ice entertained another nearly-maskless mob of cultural relics when he led the infamous Ninja Rap.


COMEDY NERD Completing a celebrity rite of passage, Ed Sheeran cameo'd on The Simpsons. It was in a 2018 episode, Haw-Haw Land, and he played Brendan, a musician that Lisa soon falls for. CRACKED.COM


COMEDY NERD Turns out, Alex Trebek had a cameo on Cheers! - he was in a 1990 episode. In What Is ... Cliff Clavin?, Trebek winds up going to Cheers to get a drink and, among other things, is propositioned by Carla Tortelli. CRACKED.COM


Lance Armstrong DODGEBALL LOS LAS UT CRACKED.COM Armstrong gave the (also bad, in retrospect!) Vince Vaughn a pep talk about not giving up, but later admitted to having aided his own underdog story with an illegal doping scheme.


FRANCIS FORD-COPPOLA PLAYED A DIRECTOR IN APOCALYPSE NOW. CRACKED.COM Coppola appears as a TV news director yelling at Willard to not look at the camera as he's moving through a war-torn coastal village.


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